Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Starting Your Kingdom

I don't know where you live. You may live in a palace on a sprawling estate or you may rent a lowly flat in the middle of a city. Or you might live somewhere in between.

No matter where you live, you can make it your kingdom. How? Simple.

"I am the queen of my own life."

Go ahead, say it. Out loud. Feel free to change your title, if it suits your fancy. Empress, duchess, princess, lady, viscountess... The list goes on and on. Or you could make up your own title.

Next, name your kingdom. Or empire. Or duchy. Whatever suits you. You could call it your last name, like "The Smith Empire". Or "The Kingdom of Smith." Or make up a name, such as "The Kingdom of Cupcakes" or the "Empire of Doodlemore." You could even chose to name your kingdom something like Downton Abbey or Mansfield Manor.

Then get to work! You are a royal now, are you not? If you've been looking for a reason to start again, this is it! Redecorate your palace or yard, dress up more often, cook a feast! Feel the empowerment of being royal!


Hello! Welcome to Rockin’ It Royal!
I’m Avalon Le Fay. I’m here to help you live like royalty on a peasant’s budget.
This is our manifesto:

I am royalty.
Be I man or woman, young or old. I am a divine child of God.
I am beautiful.
No matter what our society says. Whether or not I wear make-up, whatever I decide to wear.
I am brilliant.
My light shines bright.
I am enough.
Never too much, never too little.
I am unique.
I am a special person and there is no one like me.
I rule this life.
I take my life by the horns!.

Will you join me on the journey of being royalty?

The Making of Rockin' It Royal

Welcome to Rockin' It Royal.

When you were young did you pretend to be a princess? A queen? An empress? Did you rule over your bedroom? Was your house a palace in your eyes?
Or is it still?

Who said we ever have to grow out of it?

We can be royal, even as we are adults. We can rule over our kingdom, have feasts, look ravishing, and travel all on a peasants budget!